Post Date : 02-07-2024

Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

A lot has been said online about writing a good resume that helps individuals land a good job. This is because the first step towards getting a job is usually submitting your resume alongside a cover letter. It is also the final step for the majority of individuals. The primary goal of a resume is to get you an interview. In fact, you should expect it to get you the job if you do everything right. Hiring managers utilise it to filter out applicants to determine whom to invite to the time-consuming interview.

It is true there is no resume that will be absolutely flawless, but making some common mistakes won’t help either. This is because they have the ability to land your resume in the “don’t contact” category. Getting rejected just because of things that could have been avoided may not be something you want. Here are the common resume mistakes to avoid.

1.  Adding Too Much Information

One of the most basic yet common mistakes most individuals make is that they include too much information about themselves. Ideally, a resume should only be of one page, i.e. the front side only. It might be true that you are a complicated person who has plenty of different interests and a variety of skills.

Remember that the hiring manager does not have much interest in knowing. They want to learn whether or not you contribute to the success of the company. Put simply, if your hobbies or interests are irrelevant to the position you are applying for, refrain from including them. This is true even when mentioning previous jobs. It is completely fine to skip the non-essential jobs. However, remember to avoid gaps in time.

2.  Incorrect English

Non-native English speakers typically make this mistake, which ends up having a major impact on their chances of getting a job. When it comes to resumes, having clear, concise, and professional language is essential. Using a language that is too casual often means including slang, which is not ideal. On the other hand, using too technical language, such as the use of jargon, can also be a big mistake. Even though it is less dangerous than the casual one because it shows your expertise in the field, it is still incorrect for a resume. To ensure you are not making the mistake of using the wrong language, it is better to hire professionals who provide resume writing services.

3.  Wrong Contact Information

You might assume that you won’t make these obvious mistakes, but it is worth noting that they are far too common, especially because people take them lightly. Ideally, you should double-check all the given contact information. Often, people change contact information and forget to update it on their resume. So, ensure all the following information is correct on yours:

  • Full legal name
  • Personal website
  • E-mail address
  • Home phone number
  • Cell phone number
  • Full Mailing address

Ensure the address is updated, especially if you moved house recently, before submitting your resume.

Wrapping Up

It is not wise to underestimate the value of a well-prepared resume. It can help you land your dream job or at least give you the best shot at it. However, making a few mistakes can negatively impact your chances. So, avoid the ones mentioned in this article and ensure your resume is ready to be submitted.